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About jamilahk

Jamilah Kolocotronis is the mother of six boys. She is also a novelist. Her books focus on family issues.
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Meimuna says:

    Thanks for posting. A sister linked your blog on a yahoo groups for homeschoolers called MECAH. I am a homeschooling mom and have 3 kids. My two eldest are boys. So I appreciate the insight of someone who has raised older boys. Its interesting that you let others know that the oldest was in charge. So far I have chosen to treat them “equally”. But, I do think having the older one in charge with more responsibilities is actually more fair and is much easier for me. I am wondering how you dealt with the fighting between the boys. That is a constant issue in my house.

    • jamilahk says:

      I’m planning to go into fighting in depth next week, insha Allah. One tip I can give you for now is that if they fought over a toy, I took it and said, “Okay, nobody gets it.” They learned how to make up quickly so they could both play.

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